Kemburg Wiki is a wiki that is part of Wikia about the fictional island of Kemburg. Everyone has the right to edit or create articles on the wiki, however there are many more benefits by making a Wikia account or logging into it if you already have one. Everyone is free to make a business or character, and by making 50 edits on articles, you can become an official Kemburger citizen. The Kingdom of Kemburg is a small island nation located South of England and North of Belgium. It has a political system which all users can take part in, with elections for the role of President held every two years, planned to be shortened to one. There are also several votes that users can vote on if they are elected for the Kemburger Parliament. It's official language is English due to it's nearby location and history, however several settlements have French speakers. Kemburg's economy is highly developed and has heavily improved after World War II. The current King is King Edward I and the current Prime Minister is Andrew Clarke.

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