Philip II (born Philip John Alexander Hornes, 1911-1985) was the second King of Kemburg, reigning from 1948 to 1985. Philip was the only son of King Philip I and Queen Catherine Bowles.


King Philip was born a regular citizen, but in 1931 his father was elected King, making him Crown Prince.

In 1941, the Germans invaded Kemburg and the Royal Family fled the capital. Hiding out in the countryside, they were sheltered by a Clarke family and the royals used their name and dressed as farmers to blend in. The family were able to flee to Britain in 1941 and decided to keep the Clarke name to honour the family that aided them.

In Britain, the King had his first son, David. Upon the death of his father in 1948, Philip became King. He ruled until 1985, currently the longest reign of any Kemburger monarch.


Philip was married in 1937 to Adele de Vintimille (1915-1993), daughter of King Jean II of Cettatie. The couple would have three children:

  • Princess Sybille (1937-2011), married Henri de Courtenay
  • Princess Clara (1939), married Henry Browne
  • Prince David (1942-2005), the later King
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