The National Police is Kemburg's national police authority, that covers the whole of Kemburg. The National Police is based in the Kemburg Centre borough of Kemburg City, along with many other Kemburger services. They work alongside the other Kemburger services (Ambulance Service and Fire Department) to settle civil matters, and replaced local police forces in the Government Reform of 2005.


The National Police were formed in the 2005 Government Reform, which also saw Kemburg's change from a Republic to a Monarchy. They replaced local and parish police forces, which were earlier used. The government hired the highest ranked members of the local and parish forces, to become part of the National Police. Many British police officers were hired, including several French officers in the village of Leon.



A cadet is the lowest rank in Kemburg's National Police, and Cadets are young officers being trained by the National Police. Cadets are between the age of 17 and 22, and are only used in dangerous situations in emergency. There is a large amount of Cadets in the Kemburger National Police, and the surprising figure is thought to be 2,500. Cadets are also unpaid, as they are mostly only training.


A constable is the basic rank in the Kemburg National Police, however they are the lowest paid rank in the force. They work very hard, however are not usually used in the field, and they are normally found doing the paperwork. They are also patrolling busy streets on foot, or on motorbike and because of this are usually first to respond/spot a crime scene. They usually carry a pistol around with them, but they are not armed with major firearms unless there is an important event.


An officer is one of the two basic ranks in the Kemburg National Police, the other being the Constable. Unlike the Constable rank, they usually are used in field operations, rather than doing the paperwork. In their job, they are usually spending their time in a vehicle, normally a Jaguar XF or a Volt Idea M. They often carry an Assault rifle with them, as they often patrol the major roads in Kemburg.