Queen Adele (born Adèle Joséphine Isabelle de Vintimille, 1915-1993) was the Queen of Kemburg.

She was born as the first child and only daughter of King Jean II of Cettatie and Joséphine de Goyon. In 1937, the Cetatian princess married King Philip II of Kemburg. They had three children:

  • Princess Sybille (1937-2011), married Henri de Courtenay
  • Princess Clara (1939), married Henry Browne
  • Prince David (1942-2005), the later King

The Kemburger queen died in 1993. After the death of her husband in 1985, Adele was known as the queen mother. She is also the great-aunt of Jean-Louis II of Cettatie, the ruling monarch of Cettatie. Adèle was also a great-granddaughter of Princess Anna of Libertas, making her a descendant of the Libertan royal family.

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