The Royal Family of Kemburg is Kemburg's royal family since 1931. The family is descended from from the Counts (and later Princes) of Hoorn. Prince Jean Pierre of Hornes is the first Kemburger ancestor of the family.


Horne was a small historic county of the Holy Roman Empire in present Netherlands and Belgium. The last Count of Hoorn was executed in 1568, though a descendant was named prince when the county was elevated to a principality. The son of Prince Philippe Emanuel, Jean Pierre (1701-1757) was chosen as governor of Kemburg (Cambourg) for the County of Flanders. Kemburg became a British possession in 1740 and the family then to represented the British crown in Kemburg. Jean Pierre's son Charles (1722-1790) followed as governor, and though he only had a daughter (b. 1742), she had a son, Jean/John (1760-1817) who succeeded Charles. John of Hornes became the ancestor of the current monarchs in the patriline.

In 1931, Kemburg was given its independence by the United Kingdom. A plebiscite in October 1931 saw the majority of Kemburgers support the establishment of a monarchy over a republic. Kemburger nobleman Philip John Hornes was elected king by the government and reigned as Philip I from 1931 to 1948.

In 1941 the Germans invaded Kemburg and the Royal family fled the capital. Hiding out in the countryside, they were sheltered by a Clarke family and the royals used the name and dressed as farmers to blend in. The family were able to flee to Britain in 1941 and decided to keep the Clarke name to honour the family that aided them.

List of KingsEdit

Family treeEdit

  • King Philip I (1879-1948) x Catherine Bowles
    • King Philip II (1911-1985) x Adele de Vintimille
      • Princess Sybille (1937-2011) x Henri de Courtenay
        • ​Martine de Courtenay (1961-) x Sebastien Carras
          • ​Louise Carras (1993-)
          • Emme Carras (1997-)
        • Andre de Courtenay (1965-) x Ana Spanish
          • ​Gerard de Courtenay (2007-)
      • Princess Clara (1939-) x Henry Browne
        • Andrew Browne (1963-1990)
      • King David I (1942-2005) x Emily Harris

Note: bold signifies monarchs and italics signifies living person.

Line of successionEdit

Kemburg follows a male-preference succession order, meaning that males precede females in the line regardless of any female born before a male.

  1. Prince James (1995)
  2. Prince Andrew (1979), son of King David
  3. Prince Peter (2008)
  4. Princess Emma, Duchess of San Martin (1980), daughter of King David
  5. Pedro Basile, Count of Alcacer (2006), son of Emma
  6. Marcela Basile (2008), daughter of Emma
  7. Andre de Courtenay (1965)
  8. Gerard de Courtenay (2007)
  9. Martine de Courtenay (1961)
  10. Louise Carras (1993)
  11. Emme Carras (1997)
  12. Princess Clara (1939)
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