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Kemburg City - The team seen by many as the best in Kemburg, Kemburg City F.C. were beaten yesterday by close rivals, North Beach Kemburg in an encounter at the Kemburg Arena. All 65,000 seats were filled up, with approximately 10,000 North Beach fans attending the match.

Kemburg international, Mike Murray, opened the scoring in the thirteenth minute with a powerful header which beat his experienced national team-mate, Luke Pellett. Two pitch invaders tackled the goalkeeper, with the stewards unable to react quick enough. Pellett received no serious injury, and was fit to carry on.

Murray bagged his second goal by scoring an incredible volley from outside Kemburg City's defensive area. The volley beat City's defence without any trouble, and took the very slightest of possible deflection on the way. This started racist chants from the Kemburg City fans against No. 1 goalkeeper, Adrian Walker.

The Royal Blues managed to bag a goal, thanks to incredible passing by Kemburg City's midfield. Young midfielder Phil Little bagged the goal, with an easy shot from inside North Beach's defensive box. Not only the Kemburg City fans, but the North Beach Kemburg fans also admired the incredible goal, which is seen as a contender for Goal of the Season.

In the 90th minute, experienced Blues defender Samuel Paul brought down pacey winger, Austin Rodgers just inside Kemburg City's defensive box. Experienced penalty taker, Mike Murray, took Luke Pellett the wrong way to complete his hat trick goal. Celebrating by taking his shirt off, he was booked, this being his fourth yellow card in the 2013-14 season.

The game ended 3-1, with North Beach Kemburg having 72% of the possession. North Beach Kemburg supporters were escorted to their coaches, without any fighting, and celebrated the victory. It was reported that two North Beach Kemburg fans were knifed, however this later proven false.


Kemburg City - Another general election in Kemburg has been held, with over 98% of Kemburger citizens voting in their constituencies. The Conservative Party has won the election for a third consecutive time, once again forming a coalition with the Liberal Democratic Party to create a 120 seat overall majority. The Green Party finished third, winning seven seats.

The Conservative Party won in 68 constituencies, and the Liberal Democratic Party were elected in 52. The Labour Party won no seats, resulting in their dissolution after the election. The majority of their members joined the Green Party, however some also joined the Liberal Democratic Party, became independent, or joined/founded smaller parties.

The youngest elected Member of the House of Commons is businessman Lukas Meyer, at just 20 years old. Meyer was elected for the Sprimont and Kemburg Centre area, receiving 52% of the votes in his elected constituency. He has already made plans to improve his constituency, however they are yet to be enforced.


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